Posted April 18, 2011 at 10:41 in Inspiration - Say something

Recently I have had a creative hibernation of sorts – by choice. Sometimes the pressure on one self, to sit down and make something, becomes too much. You’re tapped out. No ideas.

Best thing to do (for me anyway) is to do nothing at all, or at least something entirely different for a while, being certain that it will come to me one day.

This seems to be a well working strategy for me as I get really bored of my ordinary full time work very quickly which, in turn, sparks a inspiration surge. Boredom is, if not the mother, the midwife of invention/creativity. As it happened I browsed some Flickr galleries and noticed a guy producing very similar stuff as I have explored. A quick search with Google on the topic of beautiful geometry came up with this site.

This fueled a new creative flow (it didn’t hurt with a weekend trip to Berlin either) and now I have at least half a dozen ideas I’d like to try out. Many of them revolves around ciphers and different ways to translate text to symbols or colors as well as barcodes.