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Some nice looking retro nostalgia. I’ve forgotten where I found them. Just thought I’d post them cause they’re nice to look at.

Old Computer Logos 01 [more…]


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Sadly, the original Star Wars trilogy conceptual artist, Ralph McQuarrie passed away 3 March from complications of Parkinson’s disease. Only just a week later, french comic book artist Jean Giraud (known as Moebius), probably best known for the western series Blueberry and the science fiction books The Incal died 10 March of cancer.


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Finally, I got around to order the complete collection of Sin City graphic novels. Although this is truly a great graphic masterpiece it is an equally sad fact that Frank turned out to be a hate mongering fascist. Yes, I know, I should have steered clear, but there is no denying that these books packs a lot of punch in the graphics department. So much so in fact that I’m going to turn a blind side on this one.


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In a response to Georg from Berlin I re-wrote my Arc-ee-type script. Well, not solely for him, it’s something I’ve had my mind on for a while, but he gave me an incentive. Much of the work went into making a stable GUI but also some other features such as the option to draw the arcs either on the in- or outside of the circle.
There are three ways of creating the arcs:

  1. Manually type the from/to angle.
  2. Clicking with the Scriptographer pen tool anywhere on the artboard as the from/to angles are calculated from the origin of the circle.
  3. Or, by a combination of the two methods above.

The script snaps to anchors as well so adding anchors to the circle could be an easy way of creating a regular pattern. Although not “officially” released, the script can be found/downloaded here.



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There are times – not very often, but it happens – that I wish I had a PC. Gunpoint, by Tom Francis, is an upcomnig game that REALLY makes that feeling stronger. These lovely screenshots seem to include just about everything I love in a game such as sneaky spies with trenchcoats and beautiful, retro pixel bonanza. It’s almost like Flashback and Impossible Mission had a threeway with Infiltrator!

Please, Tom, release this for OSX and/or iOS!!!



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Ian Albinson put this piece together. Saul Bass made the best movie title sequences ever, no question about it!


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Yesterday I registered an account over at FontStruct. I haven’t had enough time to explore or construct my own font yet as my computer have lost its will to communicate with my keyboard and mouse (both wireless) thus turning itself into a very expensive paperweight.
Fontstruct, on the other hand, seems pretty useful as an online fontmaker where creativity and playfulness are the catchwords rather than focusing on the minutiae of legibility and kerning. Each glyph is constructed out of a variety of pre-made, primitive geometric symbols.Fonts from above: Sentinel by qwertyacme, Forerunner Dingbats by Uberdraco, Glitch Bats 1 by sfour, Intrinsic + by K_a_M_i, Seschat by Gvon, Cirlat by vydd, Brickyard by per1993, TII i by unttld.

The workflow is actually very similar to one of my own Scriptographer tools, about which I’ve written a small post here. The number of primitives have been expanded recently as well as the addition of a new feature here and there. Although the fonts created will probably be best suited as display fonts, I think it’s a really nice tool where one can try out various ideas without much trouble. It’s also great fun to just browse the multitude of user submitted fonts for inspiration. I will definately try out some ideas once my computer is working properly again…


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In my on-going quest of finding ways to make nice and interesting textures (one of the reason that I’m on the lookout for an old analog Xerox machine), I read a tutorial somewhere (I really should make more use of ⌘ + B) where the guy writing had a pretty neat trick to create his [more…]


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I just ordered some back issues – five to be exact – of IdN a couple of days ago. Great mag with diverse, new topics in every issue. I first heard about it when Nine Inch Nails art director Rob Sheridan twittered about being featured within as a glitch artist.



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Picked up this little gem at the Museum of Modern Art from my visit in Stocholm today. It’s yet another good looking book from Gestalten much in the same style as their previous book Naïve – Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design which I incidently bought on a trip to Berlin two years ago. The book is filled with beautiful images with that retro modernist style to them (kind of a no brainer as its title would suggest) although, as with its predecessor, I can’t help to think that the book lacks some in the text department. It would have been nice if there was at least something from the artists featured within. Still, it’s a great flip-through with high inspirational value.