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Some days ago I found a paper entitled ‘Procedural modelling of cities‘ written by Parish and Müller (creators of CityEngine), and was reminded of Introversion‘s game-in-progress Subversion.Procedural generated cities produce some rather interesting patterns so I started to look around for more code and found the Suicidator City Generator, a free Python script for Blender.



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Had a coffee at Wayne’s before going to work today and noticed that the vintage movie star trading card-imitations I made as a free give-away for Teater Bartolini where featured in our local newpaper center spread. Looked ok, but I think I could have exaggerated the crude hand coloring alot more. Nevertheless, I’m quite satisfied anyway.



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I have just spent the morning adding a new feature to my Tile Toy script called Sparsity. I can now control how dense the pattern will be by telling the tool to favor empty tiles – or at least tiles with no connection – by a certain percentage.



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Well, maybe not mentioned but pictured anyway. Design blog Churchcreate mentions Scriptographer being a great tool, and more sympathetic I could not be. Anyhow, used as the featured image is a picture of my Isometric Blocks script. The same picture, a larger and uncropped version, is used further down.


It’s funny how ideas come and go. Most of my ideas are offsprings from earlier thoughts or works. That’s certainly the case with my Monotone Raster script, it stems back to the Tile Toy script via Fonticon.

Now, this script is probably my least useable one as the outcome wasn’t very nice or functional. So what does it do then?

Well, the idea was to make a script that would produce a raster image with only one tone. Aptly named Monotone Raster. Since a raster will create dots of varying sizes corresponding to the level of gray of the target image pixels. This is not very hard in Scriptographer. But what if I wanted to make a raster image with something other than a circle, or, a raster with multiple objects?

Well, that wasn’t that hard either so I took it a bit further. What if the objects looked different, but in reality they all had the same amount of black?