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During a late night web crawling session I found out that someone have reverse engineered (very much like I did) the Afternow Script. This was, as I’ve said before, the first attempt of a script that I ever made. It is also the one script I’ve done that have generated the most requests. Since Scriptographer is dead now I figure it couldn’t harm to link to it now, hope you don’t mind Jürg. The code is here and below are images of the three variations.

First out is the original Afternow.
20130110-065854.jpgFollowed by my own version.
Depth mapAnd lastly the one I found tonight.
Another Saville


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A couple of weeks ago I said I was going to release my Saville Raster script since I hadn’t heard back from Jürg asking for his consent (I feel this is the proper thing to do since we all owe it to him for his wonderful tool to begin with). Just as I was to upload it I got his answer in which he asked me to refrain from uploading as he himself seem to have the intention of releasing his version. Just as soon he finds the time to brush it up a little.
There have been a lot of people asking for my script and I am sincerely regretful for not sharing. On the other hand there may not be long before Jürg posts the real deal. ‘Till then.

Oh, and a happy new year (albeit a little late)!


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It seems, for some reason, that Joy Division and Radiohead – well, Thom Yorke anyway – is the most popular bands for designers and illustrators when it comes to inspiration. I can’t say how many portraits of Yorke I’ve seen in different forums and mags, but guessing at double figures wouldn’t be far off!
The question I ask myself is; can I really justify a viable existence with graphic design as a hobby and interest if I’ve never heard more than two songs from either band? And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that inspired, either…
Well, to be fair, Joy Division do inspire good design. For some, at least.

What Peter Saville did on Unknown Pleasures is briliant!



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The Saville Raster was the first script I wrote for Scriptographer, though I have to admit that I had alot of help from a friend. The idea wasn’t my own. Jürg Leni, creator of the Scriptographer plugin, had commissioned a script, called Faust, that produced this effect for an artist and the script wasn’t published [more…]