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According to a recent tweet by Jürg Lehni, Wolff Olins and Everyday Workshops are showcasing an installation made with the Scriptographer tool without giving any credit what-so-ever, a clear violation of the License Agreement Terms. Seems to be made fairly recent as well, because unless I’m not terribly mistaken, the above picture is made with functions just added to my Isometric Block Raster script. I’m flattered but at the same time somewhat upset – on behalf of Jürg – that people don’t give a damn about respecting simple rules!

UPDATE (Feb 27 – 23:28)
Seems they have corrected their little mishap and added the credits at the bottom.

UPDATE (Feb 28 – 12:08)
More corrections! Apparently had nothing to do with the whole ordeal as he was just posting stuff that he found interesting. Being a nice guy, he contacted Everyday Workshops and informed them about the mistake. So sorry David!


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Some days ago I saw this project called Blocky Earth by Jaume Sánchez (image above) which reminded me of my old isometric block raster script (image below). Looking at the code now, I have to say that there are a bunch of things I would have done different had I done it today, so I spent last night rewriting it. As the script got a well deserved overhaul I also took the time to put in some things that I felt was going to add a nice touch.What follows are images and short descriptions of how these add-ons work.



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This is all about me… shamelessly!

I just noticed that googling images with ‘Scriptographer’ as search word, the preview picture of my aMaze script is the first hit! How could that be, how’d it get there? There ought to be several other images ahead of that particular one, but sure enough, there it is, at the top. The explanation is that it was featured in a post on GoMediaZine about Scriptographer along with some other scripts. No wonder it got such a high rank. There was also this nice quote, saying:

“Some fancy, some functional, regardless I think you’d agree these would be an excellent addition to your design arsenal.”

I’d say, if anywhere, my script would fall under the functional category…

Another nice thing that caught my eye was that this post on Buckeye Interactive‘s blog used my isometric block script to promote the plugin.

And while we’re on that topic, Faycal posted this self-initiated take on Manhattan on his portfolio/blog MyCommunityCreative.


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Iñaki Soria Izquierdo in Barcelona found my script useful and made this with it. It makes me happy!


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Far from being as violent as the Judge Dredd story; Block Mania (although I’d squeeze in a reference to Old Stoney Face any chance I get), I’ve spent a few evenings drawing a bunch (and more to come) of isometric blocks. Isometric tile editors are usually associated with pixelart, not vectors, so my original intent was to script a tool in which I could sculpt with these blocks. I discarded that idea after realizing it would be a massive undertaking and not a very stable solution. Not really knowing what I would do with them, I continued drawing anyway, as I’m just so fond of isometric projection, as evident in one of my earlier posts.



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Mosaic Blocks

After I made the Saville script I spent alot of time reading the reference pages on Scriptographer and discovered the possibility to place an arbitrary path onto a bitmap picture and then color the path with the average color from that area. This got me thinking that I could make a variant of the Saville [more…]