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This post is part of, and my reply to, a discussion on the Scriptographer forum regarding how to emulate stippling. I have been thinking of a script like this for a long time – well, I’d say it’s more of a pseudo-stochastic raster than a stippler – but along the way, more and more problems have become apparent. Nevertheless, I wanted to be sure so I wrote a quick and dirty script to see how my theories would hold up.



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I’ve already mentioned Vectoraster in an earlier post but I like it so much that I will push for it yet again! It has been updated with bug fixes and some minor feature additions. Still cheap, buy it!


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Just updated this wonderful program to version 4.

Vectorraster 4 by Lost Minds is a great tool for anyone who wants to create beautiful vector-based rasters in all kinds of ways. It is user-friendly and allow for alot of experimentations by using text or custom shapes as raster dots. Well worth its $25 (Mac only) if you like to fiddle around with halftones.