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This is about a font that I made. Scroll down to the end of it for the moneyshot or read the boring backstory involving nuclear weapons, megalomaniacal behavior and messianic complex.



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When reading about the properties of circles it would seem like a natural step to study (by study I mean, reading about it and pretending to, or at least, hoping to understand) the problem of Apollonius.
What it is, is that for any three given circles of arbitrary size and position, there are a set number of ways to draw a fourth circle sharing tangent points with the first three.



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As a direct result of looking at Jonathan Puckey’s excellent Delaunay Raster script I started reading about triangles. Triangles may seem dull at first but if you look closer there are a lot going on here that many people seem to forget. There are also things that are downright incredible, for instance, Wikipedia states that: “As of 26 May 2010 Clark Kimberling’s Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers contains an annotated list of 3587 triangle centers.



I just came home from an all to short weekend trip to Barcelona. Very beautiful city with great food and wonderful architecture. Almost immediately I stumbled upon this great art bookshop. This always causes me trouble and despair as there are just too many books to flip through. I am probably every sales clerks worst costumer, spending lots of time looking at books and rarely buying anything as I tend to get too overwhelmed and indecisive. Guess this must have been this overly-paranoid-I-would-steal-something clerks lucky day as I finally setteled for this one.Infographics, when done properly, is just wonderful to look at! I’ve read about it before but I have never looked inside. Great stuff and I will probably buy the sequel as well. Just need to let this one sink in for a while first.