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Distribute Objects
I’ve made yet another script to my dViz Tool Kit. Go here for the full brief…
I’ve also added a couple of pages devoted to all the scripts available in the package. Just navigate to the downloads section or click here.


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I have made a few revisions to some scripts as well as an addition of a new one in the dViz package from my last post. The Analog Clock, Circular Bar Graph & Stacks scripts have had some very minor changes that won’t be particular noticeable.

The Hyperbolic Line Converter has gotten a name change to Hyperbolic Lines as it is from now on possible to make new lines by entering degree values. There is also a new option to choose what side of the disk the lines will be drawn.

Lines Options

The new addition to the tools is the Measures script. Measures is useful to create rulers, gauges, scales etc. If a path is selected when pressing the ‘Make Ruler’-button the script will use that path as the spine/baseline of the ruler, otherwise it will create an ordinary straight ruler of entered length. The ‘Length’-option works differently when using percent as unit. The drawn ruler will ALWAYS be 100pt long and the ‘Length’-value is instead used to tell the script how high the scales max value is.

Script: Measures


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dViz Tool Package

I have thrown together a collection of small scripts that could save some time when visualizing data. I hope they can be helpful as, for most of them, there are no equivalent functions inherent in Illustrator – well, as far as I know. If you find these tools helpful; or have any suggestions of improvement; [more…]


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I just ordered some back issues – five to be exact – of IdN a couple of days ago. Great mag with diverse, new topics in every issue. I first heard about it when Nine Inch Nails art director Rob Sheridan twittered about being featured within as a glitch artist.



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Iñaki Soria Izquierdo in Barcelona found my script useful and made this with it. It makes me happy!


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It seems, for some reason, that Joy Division and Radiohead – well, Thom Yorke anyway – is the most popular bands for designers and illustrators when it comes to inspiration. I can’t say how many portraits of Yorke I’ve seen in different forums and mags, but guessing at double figures wouldn’t be far off!
The question I ask myself is; can I really justify a viable existence with graphic design as a hobby and interest if I’ve never heard more than two songs from either band? And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that inspired, either…
Well, to be fair, Joy Division do inspire good design. For some, at least.

What Peter Saville did on Unknown Pleasures is briliant!



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I just came home from an all to short weekend trip to Barcelona. Very beautiful city with great food and wonderful architecture. Almost immediately I stumbled upon this great art bookshop. This always causes me trouble and despair as there are just too many books to flip through. I am probably every sales clerks worst costumer, spending lots of time looking at books and rarely buying anything as I tend to get too overwhelmed and indecisive. Guess this must have been this overly-paranoid-I-would-steal-something clerks lucky day as I finally setteled for this one.Infographics, when done properly, is just wonderful to look at! I’ve read about it before but I have never looked inside. Great stuff and I will probably buy the sequel as well. Just need to let this one sink in for a while first.