Posted December 29, 2012 at 19:53 in Graphics, Illustrator, Scriptographer - Say something

I have made a few revisions to some scripts as well as an addition of a new one in the dViz package from my last post. The Analog Clock, Circular Bar Graph & Stacks scripts have had some very minor changes that won’t be particular noticeable.

The Hyperbolic Line Converter has gotten a name change to Hyperbolic Lines as it is from now on possible to make new lines by entering degree values. There is also a new option to choose what side of the disk the lines will be drawn.

Lines Options

The new addition to the tools is the Measures script. Measures is useful to create rulers, gauges, scales etc. If a path is selected when pressing the ‘Make Ruler’-button the script will use that path as the spine/baseline of the ruler, otherwise it will create an ordinary straight ruler of entered length. The ‘Length’-option works differently when using percent as unit. The drawn ruler will ALWAYS be 100pt long and the ‘Length’-value is instead used to tell the script how high the scales max value is.

Script: Measures