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dViz Tool PackageI have thrown together a collection of small scripts that could save some time when visualizing data. I hope they can be helpful as, for most of them, there are no equivalent functions inherent in Illustrator – well, as far as I know. If you find these tools helpful; or have any suggestions of improvement; or ideas for other tools; or just about anything else – I’d appreciate comments.
I have a few other useful scripts that I intend to add to this package in the future, but in the meantime here is a quick run-down on what the scripts so. Really the best thing to do is to try them out and play around.

The package – as of 2012/12/29 – contains these scripts:

- Analog Clock
- Circular Bar Graph
- Hyperbolic Line
- Measures
- Polar Grid
- Polar Area / Pie Graph
- Radiating Bars Graph
- Stacks

Download dViz Tools here.

Make analog clocks that display either the current time or time set by the user. Very simple but may come in handy some time.Analog Clocks

A bar graph that bends like a circle. Each bar can be offset from the base as well. The user may set the amount of degrees the bars will turn, from 45°-360°. Another nice feature is the possibility to have variable max values to each bar. For instance: a bar value of 1 with a max value of 2 will look exactly the same as a bar value of 55 with max at 110.Circular Bar Graphs

Draw a circle and make sure it is selected before running the script. You can then either; draw lines on the perimeter of the circle, select them and press the ‘Convert Selected Paths’-button, or; enter degree values and press the ‘Make Line From Angles’-button, to produce the hyperbolic lines. With the ‘Draw Side’-list you can choose to draw the lines on the inside or outside of the disk.Hyperbolic Lines

Measures is useful to create rulers, gauges, scales etc. If a path is selected when pressing the ‘Make Ruler’-button the script will use that path as the spine/baseline of the ruler, otherwise it will create an ordinary straight ruler of entered length. The ‘Length’-option works differently when using percent as unit. The drawn ruler will ALWAYS be 100pt long and the ‘Length’-value is instead used to tell the script how high the scales max value is.Script: Measures

It has always bothered me that the AI Polar Grid Tool just makes lines. I want each cell to be an own object. This tool does that. Plus, it also supports variable number of sub-divisions per ring. The sourcecode of the main function is located here.
Two Types of Polar Grids

Pie Charts can be made in AI. In many ways far superior than my take but my version does however offer the possibility to make polar area diagrams as well.Pie Chart & Polar Area Diagram

This graph, as the name so aptly suggests, radiates its bars from a center point. If, using the ‘Bars Touching’ option, the graph turns into a variant of a polar area diagram.Radiating Bars Graph

STACKS – v1.01
Stacks is a script to quickly fill an amount of columns and rows with a designated key object.Stacked Objects

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    Great tools! thank you for your hard work

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    Thank you,
    hope you can put them to good use!

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    excellent work!

    check http://www.ecodesigntool.com

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    can you reupload the dVIZ tools becouse dropbox link is not working.

    thanks in advance

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    Could you please reupload the dVIZ:TOOL PACKAGE because Dropbox link is not working?

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