This is my Scriptographer (and maybe in the future other applications as well) code repository. It’s where I post various function and other useful stuff I feel is too small to be released via the official Sg page. So, unless otherwise noted ALL scripts are javascripts for use with Scriptographer.


ROUND CORNER – Added Sep 4, 2012
A small tool to round corners with a desired radius.

RASTERS – Added Aug 31, 2012
The main routine for iterating through an image by some arbitrary rectangular increments to retrieve its average color. There is a tutorial on this subject over at the Scriptographer page.

RADIAL GRID – Added Aug 29, 2012
A function to make radial grids (uniformĀ and/or variable sectors supported) with its cells as individual path objects.

Transforms any array of points in various ways. As of now there are three filters; ripple, twirl and bulge.

DIVIDE PATH – Added Aug 11, 2012
Divide a selected path by even intervals/lengths and returns the points in an array.

HALTON SEQUENCE – Added Aug 11, 2012
Generates quasi-random points inside the document as a whole or inside the selected path object.