Returns an array of points evenly distributed along the path object provided.
Arguments as follows:

obj – the path object in question to be divided, [object]
num – a number that can work in two ways; as a divisor of the path length or as distance between points, [number]
divOrDist – when ‘true’ num is a divisor, when ‘false’ num is to be regarded as a distance, [boolean]
fit – when ‘true’ the distance is path fitted else the distance is exact, [boolean]

This is perhaps best illustrated.

function divideEven(obj, num, divOrDist, fit){
	var pathLength = obj.length
	var points = []
	var divs = Math.round(num)

			divs = Math.round(pathLength / num)
		} else {
			divs = pathLength / num

	for(var i = 0; i 		points.push(obj.getPoint(i / divs * pathLength))

	return points

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