Posted September 29, 2011 at 18:18 in Books & Magazines, Inspiration, Music - Say something

I just ordered some back issues – five to be exact – of IdN a couple of days ago. Great mag with diverse, new topics in every issue. I first heard about it when Nine Inch Nails art director Rob Sheridan twittered about being featured within as a glitch artist.

I was a complete stranger to this magazine and I had never before heard about glitch art (although I was always curious as to how he designed the With Teeth and The Social Network record sleeves) but it seemed good enough for a one-year subscription. No regrets there, every page in this magazine is jam-packed with enormously inspiring images and there’s not even a single advert as well. Apparently, I’ve missed out on quite a bit, but luckily they are available for back orders so these are the ones I have picked up. Looking forward…

IdN: v17n6 – The Minimalism Issue

IdN: v17n2 – The Retro Graphics Issue

IdN: v16n3 – The Typography Issue

IdN: v15n5 – The Geometric Issue

IdN: v15n4 – The Infographics Issue