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As I was fiddling around with a bunch of raster effects (covered in this post) I stumbled upon a nice look that I felt I had to cultivate. I wrote and posted the script at the Scriptographer homepage. I think it made quite the nice cross-hatch pattern by dividing the stroke width by three.



Sadly, the original Star Wars trilogy conceptual artist, Ralph McQuarrie passed away 3 March from complications of Parkinson’s disease. Only just a week later, french comic book artist Jean Giraud (known as Moebius), probably best known for the western series Blueberry and the science fiction books The Incal died 10 March of cancer.


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Dashed with black background

I have been experimenting with different kinds of raster effects lately. Not really breaking any new grounds here but it is fun to try to come up with new stuff and just to play around for a while. The hardest part is to find a suitable image to apply these effects on and most of [more…]