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It has been a loooong while since my last post. The past couple of months I have been swamped as a result of a very life changing event so my time in front of the screen has indeed shrunk to almost no time at all. With so little time to spare I’ll cut to the chase right away; I have just now added a new page (found at the very top right corner) called ‘Code’. It will function as my own code repository, of mainly Scriptographer scripts (for now), a place for me to post small stuffs that may (or may not) be useful to others. As of now there are only two short functions but more is on the way, ta ta.


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Today is the – by the time of posting – EXACT one year anniversary of Monovektor.com (huzzah!), during which I managed to write 50+ posts. Mostly about writing scripts for use with Scriptographer. I just hope I keep coming up with more stuff to put into code.


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I have, incidently, jumped the proverbial bandwagon and started using Twitter! #aheadofthecurrent
Anyway, it’s @monovektor if anyone’s interested…