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This is all about me… shamelessly!

I just noticed that googling images with ‘Scriptographer’ as search word, the preview picture of my aMaze script is the first hit! How could that be, how’d it get there? There ought to be several other images ahead of that particular one, but sure enough, there it is, at the top. The explanation is that it was featured in a post on GoMediaZine about Scriptographer along with some other scripts. No wonder it got such a high rank. There was also this nice quote, saying:

“Some fancy, some functional, regardless I think you’d agree these would be an excellent addition to your design arsenal.”

I’d say, if anywhere, my script would fall under the functional category…

Another nice thing that caught my eye was that this post on Buckeye Interactive‘s blog used my isometric block script to promote the plugin.

And while we’re on that topic, Faycal posted this self-initiated take on Manhattan on his portfolio/blog MyCommunityCreative.


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I have recently added some functions to two of my scripts; aMaze and the Tile Toy. The maze script can now save it’s wall data to a file which allows me to use it inside my Tile Toy script creating mazes with a completely different look. The appearance of the maze is now totally based on what kind of tiles I create within Tile Toy.

At the moment it only supports ‘single file’ tiles therefore only five tiles are needed (since it is a perfect maze it has no need for a solitary tile). Actually that number is closer to four, as a four-way intersection seems to be very rarely used.


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Large maze

I really can’t say how this project came about. Probably happened during one of many late nights rummaging Wikipedia… Anyhow, I read about random maze generation and was fascinated how easy it seemed. Well, it wasn’t. Not for me anyway. Thankfully I found this blog which helped me out alot. As with all my scripts [more…]