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There are times – not very often, but it happens – that I wish I had a PC. Gunpoint, by Tom Francis, is an upcomnig game that REALLY makes that feeling stronger. These lovely screenshots seem to include just about everything I love in a game such as sneaky spies with trenchcoats and beautiful, retro pixel bonanza. It’s almost like Flashback and Impossible Mission had a threeway with Infiltrator!

Please, Tom, release this for OSX and/or iOS!!!



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This is all about me… shamelessly!

I just noticed that googling images with ‘Scriptographer’ as search word, the preview picture of my aMaze script is the first hit! How could that be, how’d it get there? There ought to be several other images ahead of that particular one, but sure enough, there it is, at the top. The explanation is that it was featured in a post on GoMediaZine about Scriptographer along with some other scripts. No wonder it got such a high rank. There was also this nice quote, saying:

“Some fancy, some functional, regardless I think you’d agree these would be an excellent addition to your design arsenal.”

I’d say, if anywhere, my script would fall under the functional category…

Another nice thing that caught my eye was that this post on Buckeye Interactive‘s blog used my isometric block script to promote the plugin.

And while we’re on that topic, Faycal posted this self-initiated take on Manhattan on his portfolio/blog MyCommunityCreative.


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Have a look see!



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Ian Albinson put this piece together. Saul Bass made the best movie title sequences ever, no question about it!


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I’ve been looking for some time at the stuff that Daniel Shiffman, author of the upcoming book The Nature of Code, have written about Processing. One of the things being his particle system (Wikipedia article here) and I’ve figured that, with Scriptographer’s support of animation within Adobe Illustrator, it could be possible to achieve something similar.
After a quick internet browsing I found a javascript particle system class using HTML5′s canvas (try it out, very fun indeed) by Jarrod Overson which should, after a quick peek at the sourcecode, come very much in handy.

This will, no doubt, be the biggest undertaking – with regards to the complexity of the code required – I’ve done to date so there will probably be a lot more posts around this topic in the future as this was more of a mission statement than anything else.


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I have, incidently, jumped the proverbial bandwagon and started using Twitter! #aheadofthecurrent
Anyway, it’s @monovektor if anyone’s interested…