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There are times – not very often, but it happens – that I wish I had a PC. Gunpoint, by Tom Francis, is an upcomnig game that REALLY makes that feeling stronger. These lovely screenshots seem to include just about everything I love in a game such as sneaky spies with trenchcoats and beautiful, retro pixel bonanza. It’s almost like Flashback and Impossible Mission had a threeway with Infiltrator!

Please, Tom, release this for OSX and/or iOS!!!



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I just ordered some back issues – five to be exact – of IdN a couple of days ago. Great mag with diverse, new topics in every issue. I first heard about it when Nine Inch Nails art director Rob Sheridan twittered about being featured within as a glitch artist.



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Picked up this little gem at the Museum of Modern Art from my visit in Stocholm today. It’s yet another good looking book from Gestalten much in the same style as their previous book Naïve – Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design which I incidently bought on a trip to Berlin two years ago. The book is filled with beautiful images with that retro modernist style to them (kind of a no brainer as its title would suggest) although, as with its predecessor, I can’t help to think that the book lacks some in the text department. It would have been nice if there was at least something from the artists featured within. Still, it’s a great flip-through with high inspirational value.


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Far from being as violent as the Judge Dredd story; Block Mania (although I’d squeeze in a reference to Old Stoney Face any chance I get), I’ve spent a few evenings drawing a bunch (and more to come) of isometric blocks. Isometric tile editors are usually associated with pixelart, not vectors, so my original intent was to script a tool in which I could sculpt with these blocks. I discarded that idea after realizing it would be a massive undertaking and not a very stable solution. Not really knowing what I would do with them, I continued drawing anyway, as I’m just so fond of isometric projection, as evident in one of my earlier posts.



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What serendipity.

There I’m sitting, at work, the time is 03:22am and for some reason I’m googling pictures of the old boardgame HeroQuest when one image catches my eye. It’s by this guy; Mattias Gustavsson, posted over at RetroGameDev, who has made a pixel shader for a project he’s working on. The shader makes your images look like tmhey are viewed on an old worn-out TV. As it happens, Mattias made an executable of his filter, but unfortunately, it’s for Windows only…

As I’m in love with (or, at least, very fond of) all things retro, this was right up my alley. Clearly, nostalgia is the proof of that you’re getting older.



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I have bundled together a collection of swatches based on old computers and video games that may come in handy for any project involving the retro style of games from the 80′s, pixelart or whatnot. Most colors come from various Wikipedia articles such as these two [1, 2], so I can’t vouch for their fidelity, except for the gamma corrected Commodore 64 which is probably as close to the original as humanly possible.



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This is about a font that I made. Scroll down to the end of it for the moneyshot or read the boring backstory involving nuclear weapons, megalomaniacal behavior and messianic complex.



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Had a coffee at Wayne’s before going to work today and noticed that the vintage movie star trading card-imitations I made as a free give-away for Teater Bartolini where featured in our local newpaper center spread. Looked ok, but I think I could have exaggerated the crude hand coloring alot more. Nevertheless, I’m quite satisfied anyway.



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Found these beautiful old posters in a lab at work. Probably some left-overs from the 60′s, but such great graphic design!