While I’ve long since made a script that divided a path into either; evenly distributed divisions or exact value divisions, I’ve felt that there was room for this one as well. This script allows you to distribute selected objects along a path.

There are three methods of distribution: Entered Lengths, Even Steps, Even Path Division.

The Entered Lengths is really just an array of lengths at which objects will be placed, as pictured below. The lengths values are interpreted as the selected unit of which there are: mminpt or %.

Distribute Items

Even Steps places objects at every n-th unit along the path and finally Even Path Division divides the path into even parts and then placing objects in the joints. NOTE: if this is the feature you’re looking for you’re probably better of using the scripts that Luca Moroni or Gareth Williams made.

With the Objects-options you decide how objects are handled. Loop will do just that, if you have more than one object selected the script will cycle through them starting over when the last one is reached. Repeat Last will cycle through your objects but repeat the last one and Ignore will abort any further values when the last object is reached.


The Rotate-checkbox will change the angle of the objects so that it corresponds with the normal of the path at that certain point. This is illustrated in the above image.

v1.0 Release