This is the first of many circular graphs scripts I’ve written.
Circular Bar Graphs
It works pretty straight forward. The image above might demonstrate what all the different options – pictured below – do. However, the last two checkboxes may need some explaining.
Circular Bar Graph

Clip Bars > Its Max Value - When checked, the bars of the graph may only go to its max span, otherwise the bar will exceed the span. Might be useful in certain situations.

Allow Input Higher Than Max Value – Check this box if you intend to have values exceeding the max span. If left unchecked the script will alert you that the entered value is too high and not allow it in the graph.

I have also made the script group all the bars in the graph together and name all objects, in a somewhat cryptic fashion, but when learned will make it easier to debug any wrong values.
For instance, the bar name; 3(2)+0c1 tells you that…

A. The value of the bar is 3 but the max value is only (2).
B. There is no offset, 0.
C. The script has clipped the difference between value and max value 3 – 2 = 1

v1.0 Release
v1.01 Fixed so that arcs render properly (path.strokeCap).