Posted May 11, 2011 at 12:01 in Books & Magazines, Inspiration - Say something

I just came home from an all to short weekend trip to Barcelona. Very beautiful city with great food and wonderful architecture. Almost immediately I stumbled upon this great art bookshop. This always causes me trouble and despair as there are just too many books to flip through. I am probably every sales clerks worst costumer, spending lots of time looking at books and rarely buying anything as I tend to get too overwhelmed and indecisive. Guess this must have been this overly-paranoid-I-would-steal-something clerks lucky day as I finally setteled for this one.Infographics, when done properly, is just wonderful to look at! I’ve read about it before but I have never looked inside. Great stuff and I will probably buy the sequel as well. Just need to let this one sink in for a while first.