Posted January 19, 2012 at 0:51 in Graphics, Illustrator, Scriptographer - Say something

A couple of weeks ago I said I was going to release my Saville Raster script since I hadn’t heard back from Jürg asking for his consent (I feel this is the proper thing to do since we all owe it to him for his wonderful tool to begin with). Just as I was to upload it I got his answer in which he asked me to refrain from uploading as he himself seem to have the intention of releasing his version. Just as soon he finds the time to brush it up a little.
There have been a lot of people asking for my script and I am sincerely regretful for not sharing. On the other hand there may not be long before Jürg posts the real deal. ‘Till then.

Oh, and a happy new year (albeit a little late)!