Posted June 14, 2011 at 20:00 in Graphics, Typography - Say something

I mentioned earlier in the Joshua post, I wouldn’t go through with all the hassle to make it into a typeface any time soon. Well, apparently that turned out to be false, as I was curious enough to wanna see how it might look. I spent a couple of hours to re-draw some of the letters (as well as adding a few that I hadn’t done yet), before I started the laborious, and mildly entertaining task of repeatedly switching programs and hitting the copy/paste-buttons.

If that wasn’t enough I had to start all over, from the beginning, as I managed to botch it just as I was finishing up due to some late night negligence. But on the plus side, I did learn a thing or two to reduce the workload the second time around.

Anyways, the font is almost complete now and all that remains to be done is some minor tweaks here and there and then it will be available for download. It’s my first attempt, mind you, so it’s bound to have some (or a lot of) glitches.

The font is monospaced with all caps and will probably be best suited as a display font as it is quite light and condensed.